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Dolores Cannon & Julia Cannon Discusses the Nature of The Soul And Past Life regression | #149

Dolores Cannon & Julia Cannon Discusses the Nature of The Soul And Past Life regression | #149

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How did QHHT Start?

Dolores Cannon discussed how she created and developed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and began teaching it in 2002. FOLLOW US ON: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Website: ASSOCIATED LINKS: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy: The Metaphysical Hour: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.:

More about Dolores Cannon and QHHT

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy ( QHHT) ?


QHHT is a very powerful tool to access our 'Higher Self', or the 'Over Soul'. The Higher Self, The Over-Soul,

When we choose to incarnate or reincarnate on Earth we pass through what is known as the

'Veil of forgetfulness' which enables us to utilise this life and its pathway to 'learn' through experience, to add to our Soul's  'kit-bag' so to speak.


 QHHT enables anyone to literally have a 'conversation with', and engage with their 'Higher-Self'; which non-locally guides us toward the 'lessons' and experiences we have chosen to experience this time round.


We are always connected to Source. We have just 'forgotten' that connection and how to experience it through our senses on a daily basis. And how much easier would life be if we could have that 'conversation with Self'. When we say 'easier', there are lessons and experiences we have chosen to experience which can only be achieved within this 3rd Dimensional Reality; in this case, on our beautiful planet Earth!


Our Higher Self is the Parent on the other side of the kitchen window, trying to tap furiously to get our child's attention when they are about to take a risk and may hurt themselves; so in essence, our Higher Self is guiding, warning and attempting to alert us through various means for many reasons, i.e. when we are 'making a wrong turn', or needing to understand a situation or experience further, so as to avoid a reaction which may be detrimental to us.


  As a Unique and equal splinter of Source, experiencing itself through our 'Avatars' in each life time, Our Higher Self contains unlimited knowledge outside of the illusion of the  time and space fabric which keeps our experience  to be perceived as 'linear'. This  has now been acknowledged to now exist within our scientific community and through the platform of 'Quantum Physics'.

Along with unlimited Knowledge and Connection to Source through our Higher Self; far beyond the trappings of the conscious mind. From the deepest states of hypnosis, this unlimited knowledge and  ability to heal the physical body and avatar we reside within, is completely possible, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature.


As we reincarnate we tend to 'collect baggage', or 'have unfinished business' to tend to. Many of the people in our lives today; and especially those who seem to give us the most traumatic of experiences to endure, are doing so, by 'prior agreement' and to enable each other to learn something valuable. This may sound wonderful in hindsight,however if we can learn to acknowledge this without having to finish the staged pantomime we agreed to prior to this incarnation, we are able to ask our Higher Self to open a channel to communication' and to 'heal' the manifestations of what could be traumas brought forward from many thousands of years ago!


An explanation is usually given by the 'Higher Self' as to why It has taken you to a particular life and how it is relevant to this current life; including why an ongoing illness or challenge may be occurring. We ask the Higher Self, in these cases to 'heal' the issue; and to give extra insight. The Higher Self may agree to fully heal or heal a percentage of the issue depending on the life experience in the current life; the purpose fulfillment and whether it believes you are committed to overcoming your own per-chosen milestones and challenges.It is important to note that the healing cannot obstruct a chosen pathway in some cases. The healing may commence on the day of the QHHT Session and continue to slowly improve a condition or issue through the use of 'time'. The Higher Self may also suggest additional therapies to be included in the healing  process.


Past lives may include those of Elemental consciousness,  Cosmic Beings from the past and/or future and of course at times;  from far off places. Not always Earth! You may be shown a life where you could have been of another gender, or even an inter-dimensional existence which may not make 'sense' at first. However we always ask for as much information as possible and respectfully request that the Higher Self be forthcoming with this information. 


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